Text: Gabriela Corbera

INNOVATION. COMMUNITY. PASSION. SUSTAINABILITY. These are the four words that describe the unique co working space in Phnom Penh, Cambodia called SmallWorld Cambodia.

Located by in the Toul Kork district, Smallworld Cambodia was founded in 2011 through eight local Cambodian co-founders. Upon searching for a collaborative approach to engage and empower youth, the founders of SmallWorld Cambodia launched the platform of Smallworld.

At Smallworld, start ups and young budding entrepreneurs have the potential to:


Their mission is simply “to discover and create innovative business and employment opportunities for Cambodian youth in an open and casual work environment” (SmallWorld Cambodia 2015).

It is these specific characteristics of openness and exhilaration that attract youth entrepreneurs as well as anyone who has ever had the distinct pleasure of experiencing this space in Phnom Penh.

From start up support, to entrepreneurial education, to an “accelerator” hub, SmallWorld truly attempts to bridge business with local development.

As a former member and supporter of SmallWorld in 2012, I was touched by the passion and commitment of this community that went beyond economics and start up development. The start ups created and the community of SmallWorld was fueled with social driven missions, propelling businesses and activities that had a social return on Cambodian society.

Some of the these teams were start ups like Arrow Dot, an electronic start up building educational robots and home devices.

Among other efforts, SmallWorld Cambodia took the national lead in organizing, the largest clean up event in Cambodia with over 5,000 volunteers in August 26, 2012. This environmental campaign, Let’s Do It! Cambodia was promoted through educational workshops across the entire city at local universities such as Zaman University on the practices and benefits of sustainable practices in Cambodia.

In addition, SmallWorld Cambodia also facilitates Khmer Talks, a local “Ted-Talk” activity bringing the most inspiring local Khmer leaders to share their stories with the local community.

SmallWorld Cambodia has not only become a hub for start up endeavors but an avenue for civil society promoting sustainability, fostering an environmental consciousness, generating responsible citizenship, but more than anything the place for bound, endless innovation.

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Dream It. Do It.

Photo credit SmallWorld